From the first moment you hear the clever lyrics and the dancing rhythms, you recognize that her debut CD “Elevated” isn’t your typical R&B effort. With a playful and character filled voice, Dr. E has a diverse style that includes hints of soul, funk, blues, jazz, gospel and pop. Vocally, Dr. E’s instrument recalls the lighter and playful side of Patti Labelle’s voice during her formative years in the Bluebelles, glitzy and distinctive.

But if you stop after the first track, you’ll never realize the depth and versatility of Dr. E’s instrument. Dr. E delivers lessons from the classroom of life with spunk, attitude, and heart. Basically, you can’t put Dr. E in a box. You never know what to expect from her. She proves to all that she has power and finesse and mixes them perfectly. Song themes include fighting for human rights (Dance To My Song); Pursuing one’s dreams (Put It Down; Good Girl Down). “Elevated,” the title song, is about overcoming adversity, so is the up tempo “Kicked To the Curb” and her gospel thank you to God, “Giving My Life to You.” “Your Everything” is a simple yet funky acoustic love song. “Walk This Road” is smooth and jazzy, while “Here’s That Rainy Day” and the poem that introduces it, “Breaking,” pay tribute to Phyllis Hyman. “Let Me Clear My Throat” exudes blues woman sass! These songs from the heart of Dr. E weave together her sound on this eclectic indie album “Elevated.”

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